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The TrustClip appliance is a pre-packaged software bundle that contains an Ethereum based distributed ledger system with pre- configured Smart Contract functionality to evidence any document created in a SAP® system.

TrustClip It can be rapidly brought up as your personal instance with administrative rights either hosted in the cloud or on your own on-premise hardware. Typical use cases are sandboxing, proof-of-concept, scoping, or fit-gap analysis.

The appliance contains test data that can be processed after the installation has been done. Once the functionality is understood, specific SAP® system exits can be used to channel SAP® data into the system for processing in the appliance and the proof of processing will be stored into the public Blockchain.

TrustClip Blockchain Appliance

In the TrustClip fully-activated appliance, you will find the TrustClip software and a fully functional Ethereum Node, a Blockchain Explorer and a monitoring dashboard (along with some other components, see further below), and prepared demo scenarios with sample transactional data.

Scope of the Appliance

The scope of the appliance is to provide a out-of-the box solution to connect privately owned and operated corporate systems which might be powered by SAPĀ® or other software providers with a public accessible Blockchain. No corporate data will be stored on the Blockchain, instead certain important documents, for example "Maintenance Certificates" will be processed in the appliance and processing results are stored in real time on the distributed ledger system. Processing results are given back to the corporate system. An immutable entree is created and public available. Interested parties can verify the authenticity of created documents/files at any time.


TrustClip is a software appliance currently available to run in your development system. The appliance has a fixed price and professional service charges apply to connect your SAPĀ® system and monitor and maintain the TEST-NET Ethereum Blockchain. Pricing also includes a compressed Blockchain Technology Introduction.


After approval you will be assigned a unique API key that needs to be included in your data feed. This will be in your Dashboard. Our Application Program Interface (API) could not be any simpler. Standard JSON feed that you define. Our Application Program Interface (API) could not be any simpler. Standard JSON feed that you define. The only limitation for data we store (not hash/secure) is 50KB per transaction.


Our helpdesk is open 24x7. Simply file a ticket to begin the support process.

Professional Services

While we have done our best to make our system as simple as possible we realize there are times where more complex integrations are needed. We've got you covered. Just contact your Verifiable Representative to take it to the next level.

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